2012 brought more awards for Serenity Farms Dressage!


Indiana Dressage Society:
Rachel Gearinger:  High Percentage Award for First Level – Junior Young Rider on Spy
Jenny Feuquay on Spar Larka, High Percentage Award for First Level – Adult Amateur, 3rd place
Ariel Stanley, on Canuck, First Level – Adult Amateur High Percentage award, 5th place
Ariel Stanley First place High Percentage Award on Baron Rothchild B for Second Level – Adult Amateur
Rachel Gearinger, Rider Achievement Award for First Level
Jenny Feuquay, 2nd place Championships at First Level on Spark Larka
Rachel Gearinger 5th place in Championships on Spy at First Level
Ariel Stanley, 2nd place  in Championships at Second Level on Baron Rothchild B
2013 Silver Stirrup Awards (National Awards, 2012 show year)

Adult Amateur First Level Dressage 5th place, Canuck and Ariel
Adult Amateur Second Level Dressage 6 th place Ariel and Boomer
Dover Medals:
Multiple Adult Amateur Dover Medals for Second Level, Ariel and Boomer